Our Story


I’m a mom to a beautiful daughter and puppy. My husband and I have yet to figure out how to get through each day without losing a sock, forgetting a snack or stepping in drool from either baby or puppy. Life is filled with hustle and bustle as well as wet kisses, fun and laughter. We love them both and when we find brands that understand how to present affordable options within the reality of how real families function, we are loyal for life.  There is a void in baby and kids clothing so we decided to do something about that!
Jump Around Co. was created for busy moms with a trendy attitude. We’ve simplified everything from our unisex styles to our great pricing.


We want everything in our store to be an easy buying decision. Why? Well because moms have enough to think about than worrying about what it cost to keep our kids stylish and comfortable. Many children’s clothing stores are overpriced. Plus, one thing we can guarantee is that they will GROW! Now this future hand-me-down won’t break the bank!
SPREAD THE WORD! – Life is FUN. Jump!